Xtra hot

If you are looking for a casino game with a lot of excitement, try Xtra Hot! This exciting new game from Microgaming is based on the hit television show, “The Poker Superstars.” This game gives you the opportunity to step into the shoes of a professional poker player and win big money at the same time. You can play online and also take advantage of special casino promotions being offered right now.

In Xtra Hot slot machines, you will need to use the same strategy that you would when playing regular slots; don’t go for the exact same symbol on every line, and always double your money. Xtra Hot slot machines both in a mobile and full version has 5 symbols, 5 paylines and 3 casinos on each reel. Getting three, four or five different symbols on a single payline is necessary to receive paid.

The icons for the different payout rates are easy to see, and it is easy to start playing right away. When the icon for the highest payout is turned on, you know you are looking at an incredible rate of payouts. All you need to do to start playing is select an icon and follow the on screen instructions. All of the other icons will be explained as well. Once you start playing on extra hot, you will quickly find out how much fun this fun slot machine game is.