Wild water

The next Wild Water title to be heading to consoles involves the classic theme of the show. Set in the Wild West, players take on the roll of a sheriff, trying to save the townspeople and their horses from bandit attacks. Each level is full of adventure as players traverse through tall grass and up large cliffs. If you love the idea of having your eye peeling for hidden items and other treasures, then this game can provide for you. However, if you have no desire to hide and seek for things, then Wild Water may not be the game for you. It’s all about the shooting.

Wild Water features many of the same elements as its predecessors. From the slow-paced main storyline to the hidden items and treasures, you’ll be happy to see familiar faces everywhere. Some of the additions include the Wild West sign and the Wild Water mark, which are also stacked in each level. Wild Water also has a number of bonus levels where you’ll have to shoot down waves of sharks and buffalo. As with the other games, these levels are split up between left and right gameplay.

The graphics in Wild Water are fairly well done and fit the theme. Most of the content is blocked and there are very few detailed backgrounds. Still, the graphics are what make the game enjoyable, even though the rest of it is a well done mess. If you enjoy hidden items, a little puzzle-solving, and big waves, then the game is definitely for you.