Valkyries of odin

If you like playing computer games that have you shooting at enemies as well as fighting actual people in a fantasy setting, then you may want to try Valkyrie Of Odin. It is a PC game available through a gaming website. The story line is about a group of Vikings who get stranded far away from their home while exploring an uncharted and dangerous part of the world.

From the get go you can tell that this PC game is about more than just shooting enemies and blowing up buildings. It starts out as the group of Vikings are sailing on a large wooden ship that has no doors. At the head of the ship is the king of the Vikings, who must make his way through hostile territory while battling evil creatures like giants and ogres. Throughout the game you learn more about the characters. You also will battle it out with fellow Vikings to see who becomes the strongest warrior among them.

A major part of Valkyrie Of Odin is the exploration of the different environments that you are placed in. As you fight your way through the game, you will learn more about the land as well as the history of each area. All the while you are destroying enemy soldiers and earning gold and other items to help you along your journey. You can also spend time playing against other players online to play against them for friendly rivalry or even to challenge them to a fight in a Viking battle.