Magic stars 3

Magic Stars 3 is an online slot machine that has many of the same attractions of its predecessors. However, it doesn’t stop there, adding a host of new features and exciting new slots to this slot machine. It introduces a new gameplay element that allows you to play against another live player, and the reels do a great job of giving this feature a really interactive feel, as well as allowing you to adjust the odds of winning. The graphics and sound are both very nice and help make the online game feel more real than it would if it was just played on a computer.

Magic Stars 3 is well equipped with 5 fixed reels and 3 revolving reels for this online slot game. This online casino take you on an exciting journey deep into outer space, far from the earth. The smooth graphics, colorful animations and soothing tune playing at the background really make your gaming time with Magic Stars 3 an enjoyable experience. The five fixed reels feature a diverse range of different themes from cartoon characters, to space, to fantasy, to wild west and everything in between.

One particular attraction of the reels in Magic Stars 3 is the three different colors that you have to select in order to win. The payout of each of these colors is dependent on which color you choose, so it is important to think about what your best bet would be on any given reel before you start playing. This online game also features a special “max buy” option that will limit the amount of money you can spend on reels. Each of the five fixed reels in Magic Stars 3 have a wide range of different icons, many of which will rotate in order to show different graphics. Some icons will allow you to change your reels, while others allow you to lock in your results. Once you’ve won a round of poker with the help of Magic Stars 3, you can sit back at your online poker home screen and wait for the next draw to begin.